mona_cenia (mona_cenia) wrote,

I've Got Cystic Fibrosis


Well my farts smell like rotten eggs
And I got osteoporosis in my legs
And my cough sounds like I smoke 40 a day
And I always go back for 5th at a buffet

Leave the loo for 30 mins after I'm done
Or you'll be regretting that decision
My pancreas lacks the enzymes to function
So when I absorb fats there's a major malfunction

I've got cystic Fibrosis
Every time I laugh there's a high chance ill pee
And I have very low vitamin, a + e + d, c,
I've got cystic Fibrosis
I take over 40 tablets a day
And if your smoking a fag, please stay the fuck away

I have this thing called pancreatic insufficiency
Which means I have a high chance of getting diabetes
Also I have finger clubbing so they look like ET's
And in all my foods I put extra calories

The average life expectancy of someone with Cf is 40
But that can be increased if you do your treatments and not be naughty.
But a baby born today could live to be as old as 60
To prolong your life, don't do drugs like a hippie.

There's a high change of infertility in men and in women
But that don't eliminate the chance of having children
Its amazing what scientists can do with a test tube and a pitpete
They'll out it together just like making a baguette

Creon, calcichew and flufloxacillin
Vitamin A, septrin and tobymicin
Ferrous fumerate vitamins, penicillin
Hypertonic saline, dornase and colamicin

I've got cystic Fibrosis
I've got high levels of salt in my skin
And as days go by my bones are getting thin,
See I've got Cystic Fibrosis,
I smoke and handle more drugs
Than Tulisa out of N Dubz,
See I've got Cystic Fibrosis.
Tags: МВ

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